Glowing praises

Stef was so sweet and patient with us every step of the way. Her attention to detail was so profound. She brought up so many things that I never would have even thought of. Most of which seemed small but made huge differences on the day of! Plus, her timeline streamlined not only the bridal party's day, but our vendors also! Everyone knew what was next and was ready to go. It was wonderful. Believe it or not, but we were on time for every little thing with that timeline! It was incredible!

—Marissa & Mark

Wow Stef and her team were AMAZING! The stress of wedding planning and wedding day were crazy enough, we can't begin to imagine how much more crazy it would have been if Stef and her team were not there to help us. Stef helped guide us along from the get go and gave us valuable tips throughout, checking in with us periodically to make sure we were on schedule with our planning. On the day of the wedding she and her team brought their A game and pretty much kept everyone on schedule and moving along. Our day was practically flawless, I forgot a few things here and there and she was right there to remind me. Without them I'm sure I would have dropped the ball on a lot more things. All in all I cannot recommend Stef enough. She's a guarantee to make your whole wedding process, from start to finish, go as smoothly as possible!!!! Thanks Stef!!!

—Dang Lam

Stef not only impressed us from the very beginning during our first phone call but was there to assist us from that day forward all the way through to our wedding day. She definitely made an impression on all of our bridal party members, family members, guests and vendors which already says a lot about her. :) She was always willing to share tips, recommendations, cheerful personality, quick responses, kept us looped in along the way, kept us calm during the most stressful situations, and most importantly she made the process seamless because she truly cares and it shows in everything that she does.

—Tracy & Danny

We had the most AMAZING wedding and it's all because of Stefanie. She is detail oriented and thinks of everything before you even know to ask. Stefanie will keep you on track, make sure all your vendors are aligned and the timeline is exactly what you want and envision. The day gets SO hectic that it's hard to keep track of all the moving parts and that's exactly what she did. She also problem-solved quickly random issues that popped up that day and basically shields you from all the BS, so that you can ENJOY and experience the best day of your life.

—Erica & Aaron

We couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator. Despite our jam packed wedding day schedule, Stefanie consistently went above and beyond for us and we are forever grateful that she was with us every step of the way. She handled any and every problem that came her way with such ease & calmness that not once did we notice, neither did we panic about anything. She let us enjoy our big day without the headache & chaos. If Stefanie can help my husband and I out with executing our two-city extravaganza wedding, she can definitely make your wedding dreams come true too! Thanks Stefanie, much kudos to you!

—Linda & William Chew

We hired Stefanie as our day-of wedding coordinator, and we are so thankful we did. She is very detail-oriented, a perfectionist, and is very responsive with all of your needs. I was hesitant to hire a day-of coordinator at first, but I am so grateful I did and I couldn't have imagined my day without her. She is absolutely lovely and I got nothing but good feedback from other vendors as well as guests. Stefanie made sure my day went smoothly from the very beginning when the makeup artists arrived, until the very end making sure everything was packed away. She is the BEST of the BEST!

—Jenee Lee

When we began to plan our wedding, I didn't think we would need a coordinator. But as the event got closer, I realized there would be so much to handle in the last few weeks, I was going to need some help in order to feel confident that everything would go smoothly. Our caterer referred me to Stefanie, and after a few email exchanges I knew she was the right person for the job. We got married at the deYoung Museum, which required more than average attention to detail and adherence to their policies and rules- and Stefanie really took point on all of this. Through all situations she was professional, positive, sweet, and funny!

—Courtney Vickery